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JOIN THE fastest growing TEAM in entertainment

As we continue to grow around the country, we are always searching for confident individuals ready to make an impact. Innovators & game-changers looking to share their ideas, inspire others and go above and beyond, approaching every task with energy and pride.

Sound familiar? Click the button below to find the perfect place for you on Team EVO.



We strive to be the best there is. Pushing ourselves and our team members to be the best we can be, and never settling for anything less.


We are game-changers.

 Our roots in and respect for the history of where cinema has been runs deep, but we keep our focus forward to the future of what out-of-home entertainment can be.


At our core, fun is our business and the product we provide. We are the life of the party, the fun-loving spirits who always know how to have a good time. 

opportunities for growth

Many of our team members began as an hourly employee at a venue and are now operating a venue of their own or working in our downtown Austin home office. In the past year alone, EVO has doubled in size and is now the largest and fastest growing operator of cinema-entertainment centers in the country.

With additional venues already under construction, many more in development, further expansion into technologies like e-sports and VR, as well as the development of new entertainment divisions such as live events & concerts, opportunities for career advancement are diverse and virtually limitless. 

team member perks: 

Just a few examples of our team-members favorite job perks 

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