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Wednesday, JULY 19th at 6pm - Sunday, July 23rd

JOIN us at

destination: barbie land

Join us at Destination: Barbie Land, a FREE special immersive event centered around the dollishly delightful film. Guests are invited to come dressed in their Barbie or Ken best for  a celebration of individuality, glamour, and the power of dreams. We invite guests to indulge in the beauty of pink, embrace their inner fashionista, and immerse themselves in the magical world of Barbie. So step onto the pink carpet, embrace the sparkle, and let Barbie's legacy inspire you to shine brightly in a world where dreams truly come to life.


Wednesday, 6pm - 11pm

Thursday: 10am - 11pm

Friday & Saturday: 10am - Midnight

Sunday: 10am - 11pm

destinations to visit:

Barbie beach club

An extraordinary fusion of tropical allure and Barbie's iconic charm. The entire space is transformed into a vibrant beach oasis, adorned with palm trees, light up chairs, photo-op installations, and so much more! So grab your sunglasses & roller skates and dive into this unforgettable beach-themed experience, where dreams and reality collide.



Step into a dazzling world at Barbie's Disco Dance Party, where shimmering lights, groovy beats, and a pulsating dance floor await you! Prepare to be transported back in time to the glamorous era of disco, where Barbie's iconic style takes center stage.


Barbie GLAM Boutique

A celebration of individuality, style, and the transformative power of fashion. We invite guests to embrace their inner diva, channel their unique sense of style, and experience the magic of Barbie's glamorous world. So step into the spotlight and let your inner fashionista shine. Enjoy a larger-than-life photo installation, Barbie inspired fashion, & more! 

Free Hair Glam-Ups by Hair Bar:

Thursday, July 20th - Saturday, July 22nd

5pm - 7:30pm each day


*available on first come, first served basis. 

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