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For more information regarding available advertising options, please contact National CineMedia (NCM) at 1-800-SCREEN1, or email


You may also visit National CineMedia online at

Give your brand a starring role at the movies. Including the movies in your marketing plan has never been more efficient, consistent and turnkey.

Benefits of Cinema Advertising:

  • Unmatched ad environment – Large screen, HD image and surround sound

  • Exclusive pre-show Noovie · On-site lobby and digital opportunities

  • Engaged audience – no access to ad skipping devices

  • Association with blockbuster films

  • Higher recall, likeability and intent scores than other traditional media

  • Affordable rates; turn-key opportunities

Pre-Show On-Screen Advertising

Everyone is going to the movies like never before! Reach them today by advertising on-screen with NCM Media Networks.

The NCM Cinema Network offers your brand complete access to moviegoers at every step in the movie-going process. From our world-class pre-show, Noovie, to our engaging lobby promotions and lobby entertainment network, we offer fun, dynamic advertising marketing opportunities on a national and local/regional level. Everyone loves the movies. Let NCM make them love your brand.

Lobby Entertainment Network (LEN)

The Lobby Entertainment Network (LEN) captures the attention of patrons through a sight, sound and motion network of 42-inch flat screens in high-traffic areas of the lobbies. The LEN extends a brand message's reach beyond the movie theatre auditorium and into the high-traffic areas of our lobbies. Programming on The LEN consists of a 25-minute repeating loop filled with five branded content segments, with advertising pods in-between each segment.

The LEN screens are the perfect place to surround moviegoers with your message and when combined with on-screen advertising, can help boost already high levels of cinema recall.

Lobby Advertising

Posters, Signs and Banners

  • Poster Cases: Deliver your message in one of our backlit poster display cases.

  • Standees: Advertise in 3D with a high impact standee! Attention grabbing lobby standees are sure to catch the moviegoer's eye.

  • Counter Cards: Displayed prominently in high traffic areas in our venues, a counter card may be just the right answer.

  • Lobby Displays: A free standing until placed in a highly visible area in our theatre lobby where patrons may fill out forms, will certainly be noticed by moviegoers.

  • Banners, Static Clings, Danglers, Vehicle Displays and More: No matter how you advertise in an EVO® venue, your message is sure to get across.

Box Office Handouts, Exit Samples and Tabling Promotions


  • Box Office Handouts: Get your special offer into potential customers hands. Our staff will distribute coupons at the time of ticket purchase or upon exit.

  • Exit Sampling: Capture every moviegoers' attention by sampling your product in our high-traffic areas or at our box office. Everyone loves a freebie.

  • Tabling Promotions: Interact with potential customers as you provide product information, demonstrate a new product line or sign up new clients.

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