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It is no secret that 2020 was an incredibly difficult year and the struggles have continued into 2021, however, despite the challenges they've faced, millions of incredible individuals have put the needs of others above themselves and carried on in service of their communities. Over the next few months, we'll be showing our appreciation for and turning the spotlight on these real life superheroes.

March 7th - April 4th heroes:


As an unprecedented snow storm brought life in Texas to a halt, linemen, technicians, and all other utility workers swooped in to save the day. They worked tirelessly in freezing cold temperatures to restore power and water to those who had been without it, for days in some cases, and continue to work to return Texas to normal. As a thank you for their dedication and service, this month's real-life superheroes are utility workers. Stay tuned to learn about some of their real-life stories. 

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From March 7th - April 4th Utility Workers score these perks when visiting their local EVO venue. Just show a team member your valid employee ID or any other proof of employment. 

  • 50% OFF Popcorn 

  • 50% off bowling w/ code SUPER (Must Show ID upon arrival)​

  • 20% OFF Pizzas 

  • Free $5 game card

January 25th - February 25th heroes:


As stores, restaurants, and normal life shut down due to a global pandemic, delivery drivers swooped in to save the day. They deliver everything from toilet paper, to food, to craft projects, and even stepped in as Santa's helpers! This month, our real-life superheroes are delivery drivers and these are their stories. 

December 17th - January 17th heroes:


In the midst of a pandemic that has changed almost every moment of our everyday lives, teachers around the world are out looking over our children as keepers of the gate to adulthood. This month, we are choosing to honor real life superheroes in education.. these are their stories.